Limited Time Only: 50% Discount on Report Selection on Robo-Advisors and Self-Directed Investors-Research Report-MyPrivateBanking Research
Limited Time Only: 50% Discount on Report Selection on Robo-Advisors and Self-Directed Investors-Research Report-MyPrivateBanking Research

Limited Time Only: 50% Discount on Report Selection on Robo-Advisors and Self-Directed Investors

June 2018

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For a limited time only we offer three of our detailed research reports on the crucial topics of robo advising and, additionally, self-directed investing for just USD 2,900 (Regular Price: USD 7,800). You can save more than 60% off the price of buying each report separately! This special offer is valid only through September 31, 2018.   

1. Report: Global Robo-Advisor Benchmarking 

This report is the single resource you must have if you want to understand how pure and hybrid robo-advisors are getting and keeping clients in today’s market. The research was conducted for 31 leading robo-advisors from 11 countries and covers the following themes: (more info on report)

  • The best robo-advisors worldwide and what features make them outstanding
  • How to structure the robo-advising process correctly, including 20 best practices for onboarding tools, financial planning, risk assessment, client retention and mobile features.
  • Which B2B automated investment solutions offer the most help with running your own robo-advisor
  • How traditional firms can take advantage of the robo advisor model
  • PLUS: Full Robo-Advisors Comparison in a separate data appendix with comprehensive evaluation of 31 pure and hybrid robo-advisors 

 2. Report: Investors' Attitudes towards Robo-Advisors

Based on in-depth survey of 1000 affluent and wealthy investors in five key wealth management markets you will find valuable information such as: (more info on report)

  • Current state of investor opinion about and usage of robo-advisors, broken down by demographic factors, investable assets and market
  • Share of assets that affluent/HNWIs are willing to manage with an online investment tool
  • What affluent/HNWIs expect for onboarding process and level of human interaction 
  • Gap analysis of investors’ expectations and what robos offer today
  • PLUS: Data slides with country-specific results for the UK, US, France, Germany, and Switzerland

3. Report: Wealthy and Affluent Self-directed Investors - How wealth managers can win them back

The report profiles the current self-directed investor and offers detailed analysis, data-driven insights and recommendations for recruiting and retaining the wealthy self-directed investor: (more info on report)

  • Traits, motivations and investing behaviors of the self-directed investor incl. specific demographic, motivational and the behavioral profiles
  • Four forecasting scenarios for the growth of self-directed HNW AuM as a percentage of total HNW AuM globally and for North America and Europe.
  • Detailed examination of four brokers who target the HNW SDI explicitly 
  • Case studies of three banks who have developed additional services specificallly for affluent and wealthy self-directed investors
  • Detailed overview of the products, services and digital functionalities needed to please self-directed clients

    These reports go hand in hand and provide you with a 360-degree perspective on how wealth managers can take advantage of trends of automated investment services and self-directed investors to reach and engage HNWI!

    If purchased individually, the three report would cost USD 7,800:

    • Global Robo-Advisor Benchmarking 2017: USD 3,500
    • Investors’ Attitudes towards Robo-Advisors 2017: USD 1,900
    • Wealthy and Affluent Self-Directed Investors 2017: USD 2,400

      With this special offer, you pay less than 40% of that amount — just USD 2,900 for all three reports of this valuable research.

      Each report includes a full corporate license, so you can use the report freely within your firm.