Turn Research into Action with MyPrivateBanking's Consulting Services

Along with our detailed, objective, and cutting edge reports, MyPrivateBanking Research also offers a suite of consulting services that turn our research into action for your firm. 

Your advantages include utilizing the deep-knowledge and experience of our experts for your projects in the fields of digital technologies and Fintech on financial services:

  • Clear, actionable and concrete recommendations that will have a positive impact on your bottom line 
  • No slow and costly set-up time. We have the data, tools and capabilities in-house, ready to support your project from day one

  • We have a deep knowledge of the markets, client segments and competitors most important to your projects

  • We know which technologies are most likely to affect your bottom line in the next years—and which are simply hype

Whether a tailored segment-specific strategy, innovation check-up or comprehensive competitor analysis - our experts offer the knowledge, experience and tools needed to ensure your digital ecosystem stays healthy from top to bottom.

Project Example Segment Growth: Self-Directed Investing - Is your firm prepared for the SDI Revolution?

Project Summary:

Around one-third of HNW assets are self-directed and MPB Research shows that this number is set to grow in the next 5 years. Currently, around USD 17trn of HNW assets under management are invested using self-directed means. This development represents the greatest threat to the traditional wealth management model since the robo-advisor and, like with this earlier disruptive technology, ignoring this threat will ultimately lead to losing out on an important client segment.

We offer clients our expert assistance in meeting this challenge head on. Our advisory services help firms determine how big of a threat self-directed investors pose to their bottom line and offer individually tailored plans for mitigating this threat.

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Project Example Competitor Intelligence: Understanding What’s Going on Behind the Log-in of Key Competitors

Project Summary:

We did a project for a regional US Private Bank to clarify what their major competitors offered to clients “behind the login”, in their secure online spaces on the website, and in the mobile app. As our client was planning a major revamp of their online customer capabilities, this project helped them understand what best industry practice was and how, with an excellent digital value proposition, they could beat their competitors’ offers and not only keep existing clients but also win new clients.

Today this bank has a comprehensive suite of digital tools for their clients; they have increased the share of digital transactions by 30% and have grown advisor efficiency by 20% as a lot of routine work shifted to online channels.

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Project Example Innovation: identifying the culprit(s) for a stalled digital transformation

Project Summary:

In a recent innovation check-up for a mid-sized European wealth manager we were asked to assess an ongoing digital transformation that wasn’t producing expected results—neither within the company or from client feedback. We were asked to examine the ongoing digital transformation in light of what the client’s competitors were doing and in terms of best industry practice. Our organizational assessment combined with an examination of the use of these new innovative mobile tools showed several major flaws including the lack of innovation on the advisory side of the equation and the lack of understanding and therefore support for new innovations from mid-level management. We also discovered that the budget was lopsided in favor of client onboarding rather than the comprehensive client journey.

We were able to develop a strategy for innovation within the advisor journey and also helped build a plan for creating a culture of innovation. While execution of these plans are still very much in the early stages, preliminary feedback from clients as well as employees internally show increased client satisfaction as well as improved advisor efficiency. Support for, and enthusiasm regarding, new innovations within the organization has also increased dramatically.

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