About Us

MyPrivateBanking Research is an independent research firm (main page: www.myprivatebanking.com ). We specialize in research and analysis on how wealth managers and financial services firms should develop their digital offerings to best serve existing customers and to win new clients. We offer strategic insights and actionable recommendations in comprehensive reports, available individually or by subscription. 

Our research stands out with a clear, threefold focus: Online, Mobile and FinTech as the Technology focus; Wealth Management/Private Banking as the industry specialization and the User’s perspective as the basis for determining our research criteria. This unique combination allows us to deliver essential insights, evaluations and recommendations to enable our clients to take the right decisions and stay ahead in a highly dynamic market environment. Our research is global in outlook. >>> Learn more about our research process

The founders of MyPrivateBanking have been analyzing the impacts of the Internet and new technologies on business for almost 20 years. We lead a team of very experienced analysts and industry experts, who are respected specialists in their research fields and widely quoted in leading media publications around the world. >>> Meet our team

MyPrivateBanking Research is fully independent and objective in its research. We have no relation with any financial services firm or technology vendor and are wholly owned by our management team. We apply a clearly defined and documented research process and are valued for our clear evaluations, judgment calls and recommendations. >>> What our clients think of our work